Dual language website


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I've built a dual language site for a client - English and German which we intend to host at an .eu domain. Each page has a click-through to the other language. All relatively straightforward so far... but what will be the best way to get into each site? Should I have a front page with the UK and German flag and then get visitors to click through to the relevant site? Or what? Or should we host the English site at a .co.uk?

Any ideas?
I would host the UK site on the .co.uk and just have direct 'no follow' links to the relevant pages on the .eu domain and vice versa. As it is in 2 different languages you don't really have the duplicate content issue.
Yup I'm with Boss Hogg on this one, I created a wedding website for a couple a few years back, she was English and he was Belgian so the site was English / Flemish split, I hosted the English on a .co.uk and the Flemish on a .eu as well, as long as you design the site so users can change over to the correct language at any point relatively easily then you have no problems, just pop the language choices next to your navigation bar.