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Decided to finally bite the bullet and learn to drive at the age of 22 after 2 years of putting it off. Will really help with job applicatuions so I can look outwith areas accessable by public transport.

Still absolutly bricking it though. First lesson is going to be in February sometime (waiting for her to get back to me with date/time).

Think what scared me off previously is that when I was 15 my uncle let me reverse his truck to hitch up a trailer. He explained everything I had to do but didn't mention to take foot off clutch slowly. Put it in reverse, foot straight off the clutch, truck went flying back, rammed the trailer up a bank and cracked the rear axle on the truck.

Kind of put me off ever since haha.

Any advice on how to stay calm and things to help nerves much appreciated lol.

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A few pints and a reefer should chill you out (joke) :icon_biggrin:

Not sure what to suggest really to stay calm, my partner swears by Rescue Remedy, maybe give that a try :icon_dunno:

Good luck with the lessons, you'll be fine.

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My wife also uses rescue remedy as she sometimes suffers from panic attacks (probably from living with me!)

Hardest bit is the theory, and to be honest, if you do the studying you'll breeze it.

I had to do the theory test again last year as I was sitting my motorbike test. When i did my car test the theory consisted of 35 questions. Now its 50 questions and the hazard perception test.

I got 50/50 for the questions and 69/75 for the hazard. So if a thicko like me can do it so can you.


Yeah I am currently doing my driving lessons, there have been a few ups and downs but I still carry on, have had about 20 lessons so far, I feel a little put off by most of my friends passing their tests when i'm not even at the stage to take mine!

Never the less I am doing this for myself and realize that it doesn't matter what stage they are at, as we all progress at different speeds, I tend to get a bit panicky at times though, the best way is to just totally relax because no harm will come to you, as your driving instructor will be sitting by you every step of the way, just concentrate on what you are doing and you will be fine :icon_smile:

I also crashed into the middled part of the road, well a curb, which kinda shook me up, so i know how you feel, as well as when i was practicing in my step dad's car I was up a hill and put the handbrake on then as i went to release it there was a car behind me and the car wouldn't go forward, (should have done clutch control as I know now) but the car started to go back and that knocked my confidence so much! But you have to forget about the mistakes along the way, because we all make them! I have to say the one thing that keeps me going is seeing idiots driving cars which haven't got a brain cell between them, i think well if they can do it SO CAN I!

Anyway Good luck !
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