Domain idea??

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Was just having a look around and came across this available domain name.

Thought it was a half decent domain name for a website designer that specifically offers W3 compliant sites, just a thought, maybe it is crap which is why it is still available...dunno? :icon_biggrin:
altho the idea looks good, it depends on the search volume, designs will get picked out but don't think google or other search engines would pull web out of it, l33t sp34k is probably not a synonym for web ;) heheh
surprised its not taken tho.
there are other ones to look at too, remember cnn on twitter got paid a fair bit of money to give up his nick, b4 the masses come to twitter we shud sign up with loads of well known names lol, might be able to earn some money out of it lol
Yeah I agree from an SEO point of view it is crap, even from a customer trying to remember the URL it is pretty crap and probably difficult to remember, as you say it looks good but not practical.