Do you feel as though you have been affected by the 'credit crunch' yet?

Do you feel as though you have been affected by the 'credit crunch' yet?

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I have definitely noticed a slow down in orders placed online of late, I can only put this down to the recent problems, I just don't think people have much confidence at the moment.

I do blame the press for this though, every morning when I watch the news it is doom and gloom, if it wasn't for them you probably wouldn't even notice there was much of a problem.

I also blame the press largely for the downturn in the housing market, if every day you wake up and they are saying house prices are dropping faster than ever, you probably wouldn't want to sell your house or look at buying one until they had hit their lowest point. If they didn't ram all this negativity down our throats every day, again, I don't think we would even notice.

I do have a house on the market, 2 viewings in 3 months, 1 silly offer and I have had to reduce it by £10k, so far! :icon_cursing:

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The press definately aren't helping, I watched a program last night (might have been the news, not sure) and this financial expert said that he thought over the next couple of years we could all see the value of homes drop 30 - 40% - I nearly cried.

Then they had a man from a large estate agency company in UK who of course was talking it up and poo pooing this idea of a drop by 30 - 40%!

Trouble is, no one really knows, they just keep shouting that is going to be terrible and the end of the world!

I'd imagine that losing your home is pretty bloody terrible but this doesn't help, but we seem to really love doom and gloom in the media as a nation don't we?

Pixels Ink

Being a doom merchant is awfully easy for some and they just don't realise the damage it does!

In a way I'm quite fortunate, I sold my house 4 years ago (for reasons I won't go into) when the housing market was at a high. I currently rent my accommodation and so don't have any panic over house values. if anything it would benefit me if I had the money to buy as prices are falling.

Where I'm seeing the pinch is in fuel, energy and food prices, they are just going mental.

My clients are cutting back on some marketing but it hasn't got to the stage yet where I am panicking about not having enough work.

I'm definitely cutting back on any frivolities, no point in saying cut back on holidays as I haven't had one in 5 years :)

Personally, I'm an optimist and I think things can get better just as quickly as they get bad. Although it would be quicker if the media took a more optimistic approach, but doom sells more papers!

Stationery Direct

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I tell you what this week has been dead for me, I usually have loads of enquiries and a few orders a day but hardly anything so far and it's Thursday already, what's going on :icon_dunno:


I work in the construction industry but somehow so far we seem to have been clinging on but the MD isn't telling us anything so watch this space...

It's strange as building work has continued in my town and someone said that property prices haven't really shifted where I live tho I've yet to find this in black and white.

I don't know what's happening!

Edit: I've just found a report saying that house prices in North Lincolnshire have risen 1.3 per cent from July to August, despite a 1.9 per cent drop nationally which is why building work in my town has carried on.
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