Do wordmark logos need to have transparent or color background ?


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Hello , i am Kushtrim , i am in proces to make a new logo for my company ,and i want to make new wordmark logo but i have question to ask if wordmark logo must have transparent or color background , any proffesional answer is welcome for me ,Thank You


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Do can do whatever you want - it's your logo!

But backgrounds are normally transparent so you can put them wherever you want.


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A logo should be produced as a vector, that way the question of transparent vs solid background becomes redundant.


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It's up to yourself really. Having a solid background might restrict it's usage in some ways. For example, you could have a 15% tint of the foreground colour as the background. In print circles it is just one colour. In embroidery it is 2 colours.

Most people tend to cater to both sides of the scenario. A full colour, and single colour logo, how both appear on a transparent background, how both appear on a solid background.

Look up logo brand books. There are lots of things to consider. Like minimum size, use of a monogram or emblem if too small. Colour do and do nots. Minimum clearance around the logo. Preferred placement. How it's placed with other logos. etc


The logo can be transparent or can have a color background, it completely relies on you.
However, logos with transparent backgrounds are good. The logo's background does
not clashing with its surroundings when the transparent background is used.