div CSS Positioning Problems


Hi all,

My first post on this forum so Hi to all and sorry if this is a bit of a newbie question but any help would be greatly appreciated!

I'm in the process of designing my own portfolio website but I'm having quite a few problems working out how to properly position div tags using CSS. I managed to layout my home page with some success (not sure what you guys will think of my coding skills on it though!) its just the about page that I'm struggling with.

I want to have 3 columns of body copy which span across the page horizontally and the right-hand column needs to be positioned slightly higher than the other two to fill the white space which appears to the right of the intro text. I can't get the column to sit next to the intro text but think it's probably because I haven't got my head around the CSS and might be over complicating things!

Can you guys have a look through my code and point out what I'm doing wrong with the whole positioning thing because I think I'm missing something quite fundamental in my coding! I don't mind if you come back with other suggestions as well, I'm still very much a novice so any advice on coding or design would be EXTREMELY valuable!

By the way... the javascript on my home page will be externalised one the site is complete!

Here's the link to my site: Design Routes - Home

I'm still working on touching up my CSS more thoroughly - but would it have any effect if you moved the "righttextcolumn" div alongside the intro, as opposed to putting it after the other two columns?

i.e. so it seems to float to the right of the intro text as opposed to floating to the right of the other two column?

CSS can be a pain sometimes with little things like this, it's usually cross-browser compatibility that drives me mad...
Wa hey! That worked... cheers buddy, you're a life saver! Must make a note of that in my 'CSS un-written rule book'!