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Hey Guys,

Just joined the forum. I am currently studying for my honors degree in Creative Multimedia.
I am currently trying to come up with an interesting Graphic Design topic for my dissertation. I'm thinking about how advertising affects our psyche and the role and responsibilities of Graphic Designers in the advertising industry. What do you think? Does anyone have any suggestions or reccomended literature?
Do you know what? I did something along those lines for my dissertation too - something about linking design colleges with industry better. Because I thought it would make a good dissertation topic. But I wasn't really passionate about it, and that made for a boring essay and a boring project that stemmed from it. That was a long time ago, and I've thought about what I might do differently. One of the things I thought of was to completely rebrand a curry house - now that's something I'm really passionate about! This was before the days of all the posh ones with names like 'Saffron'. I think the research would have been a lot more fun, the work would have been better and the words would have had more passion.

So what are you passionate about? Use it - you'll enjoy the project more and do better work.

Just an example, just my opinion.
Can you tie in your dissertation with some design work? When I was at college we could split our submission between a piece of graphic design and a written dissertation.
Your right, but I do have an interest in the subject because the area of Graphic Design I like is print advertising in the competitive market. Its just hard to get good books or recent reports on the subject? Ah well, could be back to drawing board!!:icon_Wall: