Did Star magazine retouch Kate?


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Well well well, it looks like American magazine, Star, have been up to some naughty tricks! Have they Photoshopped a picture of Kate on their cover to suggest a baby bump?

Certainly looks it to me! The lines of Catherine's dress appeared fuzzy on Star's cover, a sure sign that they've been manipulated (i.e., pressed outward to suggest a bump, perhaps?). They also seem to have removed a ring from her right hand and re-adjusted the water glass so it could be closer to her face.

What do you think?


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I'd certainly say there's been some hefty photoshop work going on there and most of it is quote amateurish. Such as the day-glo white teeth, the fizzy lines around areas that have been cloned/stretched & not thinking to remove the reflection of the woman stood in the background from the glass of water.