Developing a clothing line, anyone care to give their opinion on designs?


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We've been working on these for a long time, and want to create a clothing line that is very close to artists and talented people. Our first line of clothing has been launched, and are now gathering feedback and putting together marketing material to increase awareness. We have more designs in the making, but we take things slowly and would like to see first how they're received. We work with 2 graphic designer and one photographer, and would really love it if more people joined and helped us grow and develop a truly dedicated clothing line. If you like it, follow us on facebook (, which has just been launched and twitter (, submit your details and get a free shirt (compliments from fellow artists). more photos here Flickr: Revésse Clothing's Photostream

hopefully more will follow soon!

I really like the broken glass design I can see on your Facebook page, but I'm personally not a fan of what's on the back. I tend not to go for clothing that has stuff printed on the back but that's just me.
we're happy with the front too. we did have second thoughts about the back print, so may make amendments for future prints, but do prefer t-shirts with back prints, not necessarily for design purposes, but for brand name exposure. thanks