Designer required to produce a showreel for a Wedding


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Dear Designer,

I am looking at producing a special kind of show reel for my wedding next year in August. It is to be a show reel based on me and my partner’s family and friends.

I already have my concept, and am currently producing my story board. It is to be not longer then 15-20mins long, some small amount of type, mainly pictures and I have like a menu kind of page.

As for my background, I have a degree in graphic design, but have changed career, and am now involved in Construction. I am somewhat out of touch with the latest software etc, but my creativity will never die.

I am willing to pay some one with the right attitude and passion for which i am looking for. I would like this to be considered as a personal piece of work as this will have alot of meaning and heartfelt emotion so there are very specific reasons for wanting to produce this.

The show reel will be shown at our Wedding throughout the day, and I have no objection with having your name and details at the end of the show reel, and will be played in front of 500-600 people continuously.

If you are interested, please contact me with your name and details and contact no. and a website where i can see your work and skills.

I am based in London.