Designer req. for sports website project CMS SE Database


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Looking for a UK based website designer or company to build a sports website with a search engine and database facility. You could probably use previous templates of similar sites you built to minimize costs on this starter website. Required to build and then at a later date, develop and expand the starter version of the website adding more features and a mobile phone app in the future as income and membership starts to grow.

Full detailed spec prepared, all the text is written for every page (and virtually every navigation possibility) and ready to just paste into the pages of the template. All the buttons and navigations are all figured out and laid out, so mainly, the work required is to build the template, do coding and make live.

The main features required are ;

League tables ….
(Free software available from one manufacturer & from open source websites.) Regional, age, standard etc.) Otherwise could wait until leagues matches start and bigger budget available in phase 2.

Results page….
Members enter their results themselves.

Registration page….
For members to upload their profile and personal details and choose a user name.

Directory Page….
A page where physios, coaches etc can upload their profiles, price list and contact details, all using the same profile template, and members using same profile template.

Book A Coaching Course page….
Members choose a time slot and suitable type of coaching event they want the coaches to organize in their local area by selecting various options from 8 questions. Once the results of those preferences and the overall demand has been looked at by management in the admin area, the events will be listed on an ‘Upcoming Events’ page. Members will then be able to select a suitable event, book a place and pay through Paypal.

Internal email ….
For members so they don’t have to reveal their own personal email addresses. Management able to send one newsletter or bulk emails to all members at the same time.

Search engine….
Find opponents from other members on search engine by age, region, standard etc, approximately 8 options to enter to search with. And enter post code to find nearest members to you. Otherwise if easier to build for starter website, maybe pages for each regional area could display opponents criteria, taken from data entered when members register.

Find opponents by 1) standard and 2) town

General Chat & Discussion forum.
Small budget in the hundreds for the starter (open source?) website to get the business up and running, so would suit someone who has built something similar already. Logo already designed, look of starter site not important but don’t want it to look like one big home made forum though. Just want site that works with the 2 or 3 main functions being reliable. In a couple of months when first income starts coming in, we could rebuild completely adding the additional features with much bigger budget. Ideally looking for someone who is available to start immediately.

Future requirements for the website revamp ;
Our own eCommerce store and checkout selling products (own products and affiliate products that link to outside websites of third party companies where our members would buy from those other websites own checkouts. Mobile phone app. Mobile compatible version of website.

If you’re a freelancer working from home and don’t have ; 1) your own company and also 2) you don’t work from business office premises, then you’ll have to be based near the London area as I’d like to meet up with you at your home.