Designer / developer partnership


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I'm on a self taugth path for web developing at
On my learning path, I’ve noticed that design is my major weakness: I’ve learned several technics, but i just dont have the artistic talent.
So, i thought about doing a partnership with a designer who’s good at design but not that great at coding, or doesn't want to code at all.
This way we could build a team successful career as we learn and earn with each other!
I’m very open to discuss the partnership details.
My knowledge right now (HTML/CSS/JavaScript) is enough to build good sites, host them and take care of SEO.
I understand that this will need a lot of trust and matching personalities for this to work, i guess it won't be easy but i also guess that a good team could be a really rewarding experience!


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Hi Fred. Well I'm in the same position as you, but in reverse! I'm a designer first and foremost, and while I've been churning out the HTML/CSS for years, I have to admit I'm a bit limited beyond that - e.g. for JS, I make heavy use of jQuery plugins and try to modify it as best I can for what I need. For PHP - forget it! Just about make sense of basic elements, but it's just beyond me. (There just seems to be a black hole in my brain when it comes to coding once I reach the level of functions!)

So I'm on the lookout for a dev to collaborate with. I'm not quite sure on the best way to collaborate at the moment, it's something I'm actively planning to explore in the coming months. I think I'd prefer not to add to my paperwork burden by employing someone. Maybe quote for jobs in both directions? I don't know. I need to find out how other web designers/developers work together in unofficial capacities.