Design with a big D or little d?


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What is the difference between the two?

A google search is giving me contradicting answers.

I've read that 'design' is the individual discipline whereas 'Design' is the bigger picture involving strategy. But I've also come across people who say that 'design' is differentiated by including design thinking and that 'Design' is the narrower view.

What's your thoughts? Are you a designer or a Designer?
You're thinking too much.

It should only have a capital D if it's the title of a business area, like any other industry, eg Art, Publishing, Printing etc.
I am an illustrator, you are a designer who produces designs in the Design industry.
There is no difference rather than starting alphabet. Either you write 'd' or 'D', it sounds like the same meaning.
I am surprised to hear about this. I don't think it makes a difference until unless you are popular enough. So, these factors don't matter what matters the most is you work which should stand out in the crowd.