Design Trends....What direction is design taking?


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Is all design looking the same to you? Are you following graphic design trends? Are you getting bored with using the same techniuqes? Is it just me or are vector graphics everywhere?

Vector graphics have always been popular but never so much as over the last few years, they are everywhere you look. Media of every kind seem to be saturated with this style.

To name a few examples...

flourishes & ornaments
leaves, stems and vines decoration
background rays of light
silhouettes of people and other objects
smoky effects
ink splatters
overlapping or concentric circles of colour
shinny web buttons
Circular beveled logos

So why is this style of design so popular and why is it still going so strongly? Is it because it’s so funky and youthful and never fails to capture the hearts of a new generation of designers?

Is it just because no one has managed to develop the trend? And does anyone know where will it go next?

Ritche Stewart
Mintsalad Design


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