Design Projects



I'm trying to rebuild some sort of folio at the moment, but am not sure whether its worth using my own made up projects...I thought about using some of my old college projects and redoing them but I don't really think they have any commercial relevance what-so-ever! :icon_eek:

So I'm just wondering if any designers here could maybe 'give' me a brief...I don't mind if its a made up one, I just don't want to think them up myself or I'll stick within my 'comfort zone'...then I could maybe post them on here for critique? :icon_dunno:

I'm into all ID/print design really, and use illustrator/photoshop mainly.

I'm not seeking any 'free projects' to do for anyone! :icon_tongue_smilie:

Any ideas welcome thanx :icon_cheers:
If you check out the D&AD website they usually have some past competition briefs hanging around on there somewhere, and they're always pretty decent briefs that sometimes use well known companys as the "client".