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Hey Guys,


what would you charge for designing a 16 page booklet?

Whats better a page rate or an hour rate?

Manufacturer's brochure, lots of technical blah, product specification etc.

Mostly its layout work, as all "Designs"/artwork will be supplied.

Any suggestions and views welcomed.


we charge a set fee per page and then a set-up charge to put the individual pages together in a booklet.
work out how much time you'd spend on one page & multiply it by the total number of pages.

That's how we do it anyway.
Yes, Thanks for that.

£35 is very reasonable for a 1 sided A5, but it seems to me very expensive to charge £560 for a 16 page booklet, or £2100 for a 60 page booklet.

Maybe I am not seeing how much time goes into putting together a well designed full booklet.
I would charge based on the overall estimated time the project will take having qualified the brief in detail with the client.

Not all pages are the same!
I tend to be able to estimate how long it would take - but also as rule of thumb will give a page price and a 'design' /layout charge to pull it all together. Depending on the complexity I would say that a 16pp brochure should be around £400/500
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I'd agree that £400 - £500 is a reasonable fee, yes more goes time goes into the overall project than you think :)

Page rate is your best bet based on approximate amount of time you think you will spend on each.

I would also factor in a modest amount of contingency time for this kind of job, especially if it is a new customer and you are building layouts from scratch.

Hope it goes well
I would quote a price for the initial design i.e. layout grid, colour palette, setting up all style sheets and proof of cover and internal spread. With this quote I would also then give a price per page for once the initial stage is signed-off by the client.

I've found this to be the best way to quote brochures as once the design phase is approved it's usually straight forward enough to give a lower per-page price at an artwork rate.

You say that the design is supplied but I'm guessing that this is not an InDesign template with layout grid thought through and implemented, colour palettes chosen with correct Pantone references (where applicable), font choices taken care of and all style sheets built with short cut keys assigned etc... There is quite a lot to the initial stages of any layout no matter how complex. The foundations still have to be laid just like building a house.

Personally I'd say that all of the above prices are a little low. More time spent planning the initial stages is less time re-designing and trying to 'make it work' when it's all printed and it's not selling your products or winning you new business.