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Hi guys, I own and run a fish and chip shop in Newcastle upon Tyne. I want to create a virtual brand for premium burgers and shakes which will be distinct from the existing fish and chip shop branding. The virtual brand will sit separately on the aggregator's platforms (Deliveroo, Just Eat etc.) but will sit alongside the existing brand in store and on our click and collect platform (Qikserve). In store I see it working as kind of like a concession or a pop-up shop within a shop. My requirements are for branding and imagery for in store signage/menus, imagery for labelling and packaging, imagery for social media profile and content and potentially imagery for branded workwear/merchandise. Standard stuff. I'm looking for something that will resonate primarily with a young adult audience, something edgy and fun, and I am particularly keen to hear from illustrators. I have read the guidance for posting on this forum for tenders and I confirm that I have a realistic budget for this task. If you are interested please email me at where correspondence will be treated in confidence. Thank you for your time, David.


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My first thoughts are that finding an illustrator should definitely not be your first stop.

Find a brand designer, who you can help you communicate your goals, direction, market, etc to an intended audience. It is a common misconception that designers create a brand. They don’t. They communicate your brand values. A brand usually exists already; it is the way you do business, the way you talk to customers, suppliers, etc. Your case is slightly different, in that you are extending the reach of your brand to (I assume) a slightly different demographic to your existing. Your values, I imagine will remain. You are just changing the target audience who you need to talk to in a slightly different way.

As I say, designers don’t create brands, they communicate them. The important thing is to find a designer who understands this. If, during this initial stage, it is determined that you need illustration as part of this, only then should an illustrator be commissioned. Don’t do it the other way around, or you’ll be putting the cart before the horse.

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I agree with the above, an illustrator should not necessarily be your first stop unless they are a designer/illustrator with a proven track record for branding.

It would be normal to find a designer first as they will be able to handle most of the work and they would then find an illustrator to collaborate with if necessary.

I love the branding of the attached, which is a burger place in my local town. I'm presuming it's something like this you may be after, but be careful of mixing it with
your existing branding, specially if you intend to use it in store. This is what you will be paying your designer to advise you about.


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