Design idea wanted for piano extension! :)


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Hi there! I hope all is well. I need your help in designing a piano add-on for beginners. Yes, this is for a school project hehe. My design concept is a device that can help beginners in learning and memorizing the notes of the piano through the use of colored lights. The extension will be placed on the piano (position may change based on design) and the pianist can play with it. I wanted to get some ideas on how other designers would carry out this concept! The design is vague not definite, and is open to any suggestions (it must adhere to the concept). Thank you :cool:


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No, we're not doing your work for you...

Feel free to post YOUR ideas in visual format and we'll happily critique and suggest improvements though.

And you know there's basically a full keyboard version of this already right....
and they even have a version which is basically what you're describing