Design for Children... advice needed!


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To cut a story short, I'm currently designing a childrens toy as part of a Uni Project.
Whist the toy is great, it's "branding/Logo" is really letting it down. I can pick up about 20 marks in this area with some clever POS so it's worth a few days work!

My autopilot takes me to sleek & considered shapes - leading to more of a Iconic/Symbolic Logo... but I think I need something a little diffent, and I think the product name "formulate" needs to feature.

Using an image/cutout of the toy it's self in the logo doesn't really work... but this seems to be a common theme in toy advertising... (i think, I'm not a graphic designer so!...)

Anyway, any advice welcome on this...

You can see what I mean by visiting my blog at the latest post is all about the graphics of the project, but feel free to read the whole blog!

Thanks for taking the time,
Congratulations - I know how chuffed I am when I see one of my designs printed so to actually design a product and see it in application must be amazing!

I think the logos you have started are probably over complicated. Think of some of the famous toy brands and how simple yet effective their logos are; Lego, Mattel etc.

Some of your connector shapes are very interesting, maybe even something as simple as

I think you should play around with those shapes first.

Good luck!
One important thing in logo design is to KISS (keep it simple,!) Some of the shapes will surely inspire. Looks like a great project!