Design Competition - Ends 14th June - Win $150 (approx £95)


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This is a contest for a design for artwork for a banner.

It is for a trailer that sells rings (ladies, mens, biker, skull, kids, actually rings for everyone and in all sizes), swords, pipes, hoodies, hats, costume jewelry, body piercings.

The specifications are:

Name to go on Banner: Culture Shack
Motto on Banner: World of Rings - in all sizes

The ideas to get across:
Not expensive
More masculine yet feminine
Wicked – as in wicked stuff

The design should be:
Good color combination. Do not use Grey!!!

My ideas are:

Culture Shack as the name and the motto "world of rings - in all sizes" as the motto. was thinking perhaps a bike wheel that is actually a ring (perhaps this incorporated centrally inside a tribal design (kind of like a tribal design on a girls lower back)…..and in the center of this, perhaps the bike wheel/ring with an outrageously sexy girl winking and on the ring in very bold letters circling around/inside the ring “World of Rings”….then incorporated next to it or near it “in ALL sizes”….perhaps with flames or something hot or unusual on it to put emphasis on the “all sizes”. so i am thinking in general with some tribal flair to the design but not too hardcore as older people also shop there.

It needs to be really eyecatching and strong and bold. No skulls and not too hardcore.

The banner is 14 feet long and 2 feet high. Keep this in mind when doing the design as you will need to work in these dimensions.

I will then have the design scanned in by the sign shop and modified for printing, unless you also work in photoshop or ie but thats not so important right now, its just the designing part of it that I am offering you something for.

My ideas are not fixed at all and any design you can think of would also be great. You know the products i sell and for sure also have your own ideas.

You can email me the designs, not sure if you can post them here or not, and i will choose one on the 14th of June. I will offer the winning design $150 dollars in my products or cash if need be.

I also have a picture of my trailer i can send to you, if you may also send me something rough, just a rough sketch to see if its the right idea....and we can communicate about it before you submit the design.

I have tried online logo places and its just clip art and fonts....i am looking for something more skillful and handdrawing preferable.

thanks Brenda that70 at best to just mail me here and email it to me also