Degree Project


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Dear All,

Hoping that someone could help me with my year 3 project. We were given a brief to design or re design a product that had a specific need. I will be working with a company for the next 10 weeks to brand the whole business. Following the project outline that I was given by the University, I need to produce a porfolio explaing the design process that I will be doing. For the first section of the portfolio, I need to do some research work e.g design audit, explaniaion of the design context, analysis of design considerations, identification of design opputuities, methodical design investigation, use of innocation techniques and design constraints.

Is there anyone who can help me with the research section of the portfolio? where do i go next? what do I need to research?

Many Thanks.
Thank you very much for your comment, very useful. I'm getting there slowly, just need to justify the project and do a design spec which I am finding very difficult.