Decisions , Decisions

At first I was hesitant about making this post and then deleted it a few days ago , but never the less I'll do it again. So I've got my mock exam results for my GCSE's ... fairly good , : 1 x A* , 2 x A , 2 x B and 2 x C however , I was told Physics can't be used as an alternative to maths when applying for university , even though physics is just applied math ... so that puts a hole in my plans... Either I take math at AS / A2 Level and risk having a bad mark ... or taking what I originally planned : Product Design : Electronics : Physics : Philosophy and ethics and just try to get into university or end up taking a foundation course prior to enrolling on the degree course I want within the field of engineering.

At what point do I give up and turn to graphic design for a living ? At what point do I turn my home grown talent into something professional ?

I'm tired quite frankly of being afraid of what will happen if I don''t manage to make it as an engineer because of my lack of maths or whatever , what will happen if I become a designer ? Its just set me back really... and Yet I ask , why aren't I good at math ? even though I'm getting B and A grades in physics ? when physics is arguably harder ....




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Hate to say it but Graphic Design is not a great business to be in at the moment. . . graduate salaries are not very high...the print/design industry is shooting itself in the foot/cutting its own throat. If you enjoy Engineering I would say go for it!


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You do know that you can follow the Further Education route of diplomas, & foundation degrees in engineering to get the required ucas points to get into uni and it will probably be more impressive to both universities and future employers.

You really shouldn't be thinking of Graphic Design as a fall back career, it's not an easy profession to be in & looking at it like you are, you will fail horribly! Graphic Design is like any profession, if it's what you want to do then you need to be prepared to dedicate yourself to it. If you don't want to do it, focus on what you do want to do, even if that means some serious hard work to get there.

Good luck