Deadlines -- setting client expectations


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Hi all, I've taken on a full-time role as a Visual Designer. It's only my second week and I have six presentations to work on. One has 40 slides and involves creating a new look and feel within brand -- new assets, infographics, charts, covers, etc. PLUS copywriting. The other presentations vary in how much work is required. For the 40 slides -- I was told it won't 'take me long'. I've tried to set expectations but I'm told that I shouldn't be a perfectionist. However, it seems the slides aren't good enough if I don't put a lot of time in. I've been working night and day on them! It seems to be the general attitude -- 'this should only take you 30min or two hours'. Has anyone else had this issue, if so, how did you deal with it? Thanks!
Impossible to know without seeing what is involved.

40 slides.
5 minutes a slide
200 minutes.

If you spend 10 minutes it's 400 minutes.

Get first 5 or 10 slides done.
Show them - ask if they are appropriate or any changes.

Then finish the rest of the slides.
Lets put things into the most simple terms

40 slides in 2 hours = 3mins per slide, even best case scenario of using a fixed template and copy and paste you'd be hard pushed to do that.
40 slides in 30 mins = 45 SECONDS per slide - NEVER going to happen

Personally I'd be saying 1-2 days per 40 slides, possibly longer depending on the assets that would be needed. I'd also be refusing to do any copywriting outside of adjustments to fit on the slide.

Admittedly I'm older and far less inclined to take any notice of their 'it won't take long' attitude towards work and if they had any complaints about how long it takes just say you're more than welcome to show me how to do it in such a short time frame.... I sure as hell wouldn't be working day and night like you are though, if nothing else you're not getting paid for work done outside of 'work time'.... remember you (should have) signed a contract about your job and when you're supposed to be at work etc.

Gut feeling - they're taking the p and expecting the 'newbie' to keep their mouth shut over the unrealistic expectations etc. I'm going to take a guess and say you're 'low level' in the 'team hierarchy'...
Yep, totally unrealistic. Are you sure that's what they're asking of you? Did they provide examples of previous presentations? Be very careful about putting in hours and hours worth of work and having them think you did it in 30 mins. You'll just let lumped with it all over again. Goodbye evenings and weekends.
That's why I say to do 5 or 10 slides - time it - get feedback.
Then say - it's going to take (x) or 15 minutes a slide.
I have 35 slides left to do. Which will take me 8.75 hours + contingency of 4 slides (so add an extra hour (4x15 minutes)