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I previously submitted a series of dance posters, that I wanted some opinions on before adding them to my portfolio, as a replacement for a series of posters that I created during, the HND I have just graduated from. I have changed them.

The idea this time is to depict Latin dances, text as image.

This is the Samba one.

Look forward to some input.



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Not too keen really. Seems quite bland and wouldn't really grab my attention. Looks like a publisher kind of thing. Maybe alter the colours a bit?
Is Rhythm missing an h?

Good colours just not sure of the font used, what's the poster for?

Dont like it tbh, looks too bland and the yellow isn't as clear as it could be. As Tom Sound said, maybe change the fonts, it doesn't grab peoples attention. I don't know what it's about, where anything is etc. Also maybe have some images.

Good Luck!

It is very Microsoft word'ish! But im sure it would be great for a shop window.
Keep playing around. Search google images to get an idea of what other dance posters look like and go from there.
But its a definate start!
I like the idea you are going for with it. It just needs some changes that have already been mentioned above. And yellow on white is a big no-no.. It's painful for the eyes :icon_wink:
It feels like there is something missing, I can see what you're going for but it's not working.

This may sound silly but have you tried listening to this style of music to get you in the mood (for designing)?

You need to make people feel like they want to get up and dance!