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hey for my degree I've been asked to make a creative CV, but man is this hard I'm having trouble thinking abut if I make it really flamboyant to show off my design skills or to try and make it professional looking. I was just wondering what you guys thought and maybe what your own CV's look like cheers for any help also it is my first post so if I have done something wrong sorry guys :icon_biggrin:
Styles - CD fold-out cover, flight tickets, Apple advert. A few ideas for format.

I agree a good basis for a student piece but as an employer how would you honestly feel if you received a CV that was outside the norm in a showboating "oo look at me I'm a design whizz" way? - I was always told it was better to have a typographically sound, stylish CV rather than an out and out 'creation'. Appreciate any employer's opinion on that, thanks.
Not would... do. We receive a lot of speculative applications. The creative CVs stand out, are circulated and discussed.

Designed with thought, easy to read, accurate, articulate - not an issue for me.
I had to do this project at uni. Mine was pretty strange. I branded myself as a -fresh new design graduate-

What's fresher than a brand new, unopened, unused pair of boxers?

Thats right. I branded myself, had it stitched into a pair of boxers, I designed packaging for the boxers, business cards, examples of work for inside the box. All branded together.

My uni liked the quirky idea, and so did the designed agencies I sent it to for feedback.

Go as mental as you want.

I'd like to point out someone else who was in my class. His second name was Carmichael. He sent people a toy car with a business card. It failed.
It's good that it worked out for you but if I received an unsolicited pair of pants in the mail I'd be frickin' horrified.
It's good that it worked out for you but if I received an unsolicited pair of pants in the mail I'd be frickin' horrified.

It wasn't the best idea, but it was different. If you're going to send a self promotional mailer to a design agency, at least make sure they've never seen it before, or won't be receiving anything else like it. It made an impression and they remembered it. In my old job, we received around 10 cd's a week. There was nothing unique about any of them, and it showed in their actual work. If you can show some creativity in the mailer, whether it's the best idea or not, you'll have a better chance of them opening it.
This sounds such a cool project, as it is just for uni, I would go all out because it will be fun to do.
For a normal C.V you need to keep the balance by sounding professional, while letting your personality shine through, employers are people to, they don't want to hire someone who will be boring, as they will most likely have to see them every day, I am quite lucky though every C.V I have sent I have had an interview and 90% of the time got the job offered. :icon_thumbup: