Css + Html + Me = Fail!


Right so i spent hours trying to figure out myspace coding for the first time last night, and in my opinion i did a pretty good job!
The work is for a friends band which i think are really good, the myspace is

Drive There Now on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Videos

The problem i am having is the difference in browsers. Everything shows up perfectly in FIREFOX
But when it comes to IE everything also looks right apart from
a div header i made on Photoshop.
The Code works perfectly for all the links and sliced pictures but on IE the DIV does
not show up what so ever.

Could anyone be really nice and help me work out a solution for this.
I can send you all the coding to see where im going wrong if needs be or you
can just PAGE SOURCE it if you would be so nice.


MySpace is the worst for coding, having a quick look I dont know if its you or MySpace using tables? There's no ALT tags either, I dont know why it wont show it you'll no doubt have to use a conditional comment to load a different stylesheet for IE, however is it meant to look like this in firefox?

Hi Chris,
thanks for the reply.
Yes its suppose to look like that in firefox. It just wont show in IE.
I have zero clue how to change it to show up on IE either.
Any help would be appreciated!
I would imagine its that myspace uses tables! Tables aren't very good for browser compatibility and also in my opinion IE has no standards and there are plenty of better browsers out there but thats just me!