Has anybody here recently upgraded to CS5 and found it a bit slow?

We moved over in the office the other week, I'm not loving it. InDesign seems especially sluggish. Anyone else had any problems?
I find it works wonderfully on both mac or pc. The only glitch I have noticed is that when in Dreamweaver and I double click a css from the css styles tab it sometimes doesn't work and I need to double click it again for it to actually open.
I've only used Dreamweaver a tiny bit, but yeah, that did seem fine.

I did a bit of reading around on a few sites - it's seems if you change some preferences then InDesign does work a little bit smoother. Fingers crossed that will help.
I installed the trail version of Photoshop CS5 a few months ago and hated the way it was sooo slow on my Mac, compared to CS4.

There are lots of posts detailing what could be affecting the performance of CS5, but in this case, it was caused by Extensis Suitcase Fusion: Adobe Forums: Photoshop Cs5 slow save for web

I'd love to upgrade to use the 3D Text features in Photoshop CS5 but I'm going to hold off until I get a new Mac.
Mine's be fine but I find Indesisgn especially takes ages to load

Mine takes ages to load as well. The guy I sit next to, his loads up with no problem but when he tries to quit his takes ages to close. :icon_confused:

@sthomas - cheers for the link, I'll have a read through that later.
Just thought I'd update this. I just got me a shiny, new laptop :icon_thumbup: and CS5 now runs like the proverbial sh*t off a shovel. Indesign now loads in under a minute :icon_biggrin:
I'm using it on a 5+ year old Intel Core2Quad CPU and its nice and fast. Although I have 8gb Ram and 1gb graphics also which probably helps... No need to upgrade any time soon I don't think.