Critique Needed


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Hello im a 15 Year old (wanabee/upcoming) gfx designer, just been accepted into college and was offered a diploma, recently only really done signatures/avatars for forums and the occassinial wall paper so this is only my second poster for a mate who has an upcoming gig, hope you take that all into account when your being harsh :icon_tongue_smilie: but really need points on how to improve, Thanks, Ciaran.
Hi Ciaran,

It's a good start, well done.

I would say that the text is becoming lost in the pink / purple.
Also drop the 'http://' and if possible 'www.'

As I say, a good start.
A pretty good attempt given your age.

I would look at choosing a more legible font for the web address. You could also try a version using black as your main colour with only elements of pink.

One thing to bear in mind is not placing your text too close to the edge of the page (as a rule of thumb for a A4 poster, try and leave a 10mm gap between your text and the edge of your document).
Thanks a lot, will take every bit into mind when i make my next poster which should be soon, thanks a lot for the help, means a lot!
As a 15 year old aspiring designer you should try and grab yourself a copy of In-Design. Learning it at such an early age will put you ahead of the game in years to come!
As a 15 year old aspiring designer you should be drawing. A lot. Draw all the time - it teaches you much more than sitting in front of a computer ever could.