Critique my website please


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Welcome - I changed the URL from text to the actual link.
There's no need to hide the URL.



Looks stylish but far too much text.

As designers we're probably all on large screens, click the link and think it looks great.

But you should be thinking Mobile First, this will encourage you to reduce clutter and get to the point quickly.

Yes, it's responsive but I'm sure that's just because you chose a responsive WordPress template. Just 'working' on a mobile isn't enough. Over 50% of traffic is mobile, or small screen devices these days. Even in B2B, business people use mobiles too, we're not all sitting at desks all day long.

I'm sure you have a lot to say but make your point in as few words as possible. Short snappy intros to give an overview. If you grab their attention then they will click through to a secondary page to dig deeper.
And I think your font choice could be nicer. The Serif font in headings is not great and the hanging down tails of the letters such as the y and g clash with the full height letters. The san serif text doesn't compliment the serif parts.

If you chose a font on Google fonts there's a handy tip that shows your recommended fonts that go well together.

Good luck

corina moscu

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We have just redesigned our website and are looking for some feedback from objective eyes and different browser and devices. Always good to iron out issues quickly. Thanks in advance
I had a look at the website, and sub pages and here are my thoughts:
- the main thing that captured my eyes was the lack of typography principles and chromatic - here some suggestions:
- try using a completely different font for titles and the current one in regular for paragraphs. Try to use 2 fonts not more than that (a bold display font and a paragraph one), i saw on the page a type family in sans serif but then on the homepage I ve also spotted a serif as title.
- Keep type in contrast at all time.

- it is not quite clear what is your branding direction in terms of colors and type because the logo had a certain color that doesn't match the rest of the color selection you adopted for the website - here I would add that white text on yellow background is completely null for people with color sight deficiencies, better black text on yellow.

- the footer seems to be built in 2 tables..ideally you keep it in 1 table and columns

- on homepage, in the section named "get your business online with our..." you have an art painting behind and a collage simulation on top with a blank iPad - ideally, you want to place some content in that frame.

- the Webdesign Process section on homepage you can make it more understandable but using some type intricacies between the number and the title of the section.

-i noticed some fuzzy pieces like the logo, and the arrow on the buttons
- the drop down menu seems a bit inconsistent - for ex the view drop down of the "Services" looks very different compared to the "Areas we cover" - here also all titles seem a bit inconsistent, some are title case some not.

- I agree with @Eddy above that the text length should be reduced

- the structure is there, is not chaotic, the message is somehow clear - just a bit of general attention to type, colours and contrast in general
- browsers i used - Safari, Chrome, Mozilla; also, plugin for mobile view on Chrome "Responsive Viewer"
- I have replied with feedback with the best of my intentions :) I hope they will be useful to you.