Criticism/feedback for watercolor


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At the end of last year I got my first commission from a family friend. It was for the commissioner’s grand children’s nursery. Their only requirement for me was that the pieces be colorful and child friendly. I did two watercolor pieces that I managed to finish by January. The commissioner loved the work and according to them, so did the grandkids.
I’m pursuing watercolor as my main medium to work in as an illustrator so I’m looking for critique/feedback on both these recent pieces so I can get better.


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You have the beginnings of a nice style there, though I think a lot of refinement is required. Maybe make sure you have done one or two sketch stages before you start the finished piece,
to help get the faces and figures right and the composition etc. The skies are a bit scrappy, you need to work on your washes. It's called watercolour for a reason! ;)


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Yeah I'd agree, refinement would be the main thing to work on imo too.

Maybe look at things like whether you do or you don't want shadows on your characters, some of it looks like it does and some doesn't. Might even be worth looking into ambient occlusion.
Then I'd look at improving cleanliness of the work, ie things like crispness of edges, the smoothness of the washes that type of thikng.