Creating an HTML signature in DW for Outlook?


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Has anyone ever done this before? I'm sure you have... it just seems like a needle in a haystack when I try and search for info!

I have created an html signature in Dreamweaver with hyperlinks and e-mail links, no biggy!

Anyway, I cannot get it to copy and paste in such a way that it appears in the e-mail in any format other than just a hyperlink to where the signature is hosted.

Any help would be much appreciated :)
Why haven't you just created this in Outlook if it is so basic?

As far as I'm aware, you can't create a signature which has a background image with logo placed on top, links on top etc in Outlook?

If you can, please let me know as this would be much easier.

For now it's been created with html/css...
First off, how have you created your signature? If you haven't used tables, it ain't Gunna fly! Secondly, how/what are you copying & pasting and from where? why not just make a small, web resolution jpg of your signature and post it into the bottom of the email like most other people?
Hi Dave, thanks for replying!

I've created it using div tags :( - here's the link SKH Design

I haven't done this before and I am just doing it as a favour for a regular client...thought it might be a good thing to know how to do!

Is there a way I can create this then so it will still have the links embedded in it?

I apologise for asking what may be a really daft question. :(
Most email cilents don't play nicely with CSS files so your styling needs to be inline (tables & <style> tags).

Next up, make sure all of the images used in your signature are held on an FTP somewhere and your html code point towards them.

Then have a look at the likes of this How to Make an HTML Signature in Outlook Express, for what to do with your HTML code once you've uploaded the relevant
Alternatively get a gmail account, there's an option in the settings where you can "import pictures" and you can effectively create html emails there and then within minutes and you can easily get your domain emails to receive and send within it.
I think it's worth noting that putting an image as a background in a table doesn't show up in outlook, just so you know as I see you mentioned background images.