Create your own Font then use it in your designs

dot design

Here is great site that enables you to easily create typefaces/fonts out of grided shapes which it then creates in to usable TrueType fonts. The fonts that are created can be used in Mac or Windows applications.

Its a great tool for graphic designers or design students to play with. If you choose to share the fonts these are covered by different Creative Commons licenses.

There is a video explaining the process of building a font, on first viewing it seemed as though Fontstruct had limited possibilities in terms of variety, but on closer inspection there are quite a few options and different tools, shapes to use.

It is grid based so there are certain types of fonts that just aren’t achievable but worth a play!

FontStruct | Build, Share, Download Fonts
Cheers DD. I've got a college project where I'm developing my own font and may give this a try.