Coventry Cathedral typeface

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Does anybody know if it possible to obtain a font similar to Ralph Beyer's Coventry Cathedral font?


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It's pretty close to Peignot

I'm afraid I think Ralph Beyer would shudder in his grave to think of that. I adore the stone tablets at Coventry as much as I consider Peignot to be a very unpleasant typeface.

Sorry to be blunt - but that terrible Peignot mixture of upper and lower case has always struck me as deeply horrid.

But don't be offended - and thanks for looking.
I wasn't suggesting it as a substitute, however given there are some similar shaped letters you may be able to manipulate it to suit.
I've do occasional bits of work for the Church of England, who use Optima as their corporate font: this looks like a variation.
Still continuing my search for a Ralph Beyer font. Problem is, it is hand-carved limestone. And delightfully wonky.cov-tablets-of-the-word-2.jpg
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