Could I have some thoughts please....


Hiya all

This is just a concept at the mo, but I know a photographer who is doing a special book/brochure on alternative pin-ups. I will be adding a bit more text when she lets me know what she wants on it but for the cover what you reckon?

As a self-confessed "Alternative" for as long as I can remember I would say it's all about red and black; drop the blue.

I like it but I think I would have a black background. Not sure on the actual picture but not a lot you can do about that :)
I first went with red and black but she said it was too gothic. The models are all different so she didn't want to be too cliché. *I too am a self confessed alternative shhh!* I do live in Whitby ya know lol* thanks for your response! :icon_smile:
Yeah I preferred purple but for the same reason she had an aversion to it for the same reason! SHE WANTED NEON PINK TO START WITH! (Blooming cybers lol) Yep Whitters it is! :evil:
PMSL! I'm glad I don't associate with those neck biters anymore! *hides face in shame* have too grown boring I mean normal in my old more corsets for me! Well not unless begged!
Yeh, yeh you can take the girl out of the Goth but you can't take the .....

Hmmm I still dye my blode hair dark - although not black now.
hehehe saddo! hehe

A bit diffcult when you look like me...people still call me that anyway! Mind you they are stuck in the 60s up here! Incidentally did you see the Richard 'I don't believe it' Wilson Britain's Best Drives on Whitby?
It's not sad it's because I am Australian originally and I hate being labelled as a typical blond, beach boy.

I haven't seen the show but I read about it online, very funny pic of him with a group of Gothlys :)