Could do with some opinions?


Hi there guys and gals

I have gone freelance and was just wondering as money is piggishly tight at the moment for various reasons I haven't got a website together. I'm on all the free sites Behance, Facebook, LinkedIn blah blah but I don't have an official webpage. Do you think this is detrimental to getting work and making an impression? Does it really make that much difference? Many people tell me companies are going down the social network route now but I'm not sure. Is it off putting to be without a webpage?

Would appreciate your feedback!
I'm a freelancer in London... I have behance prosite reg to my domain name... prosite is easy and quick and cost £100 a year and the domain name was hardly anything too. Its definaly worth it as behance on its own is not professional enough in my opinion. And paying for you domain name so you dont have the prosite mentioned in your web add is worth it. Linked in is good, connect with as many people as you can. Facebook I'm not sure about for me its something I haven't tried yet, Blogger is good, I have that to put roughs and sketches etc on so get one of those too! good luck!
Get your website sorted, up and running. Make it inegral with your other online social marketing activities - it's an online brochure and will convey confidence to the prospective client. The website at a minimum is your online brochure (and once created offers very good ROI, IMHO).
You can get a website up and running for under a tenner.
Just the cost of your domain name, less than a fiver from some places. Then some free hosting (just google it in).

There's free software that lets you create a simple website and then FTP it up with Cyberduck or something.

Once you've got more money coming in you can upgrade everything.

Definitely get a website up and running. Buy yourself the domain you want and some hosting (I use Vidahost and they're completely reliable). Then, personally, I'd use Wordpress to just get a nice looking portfolio site up there easily and quickly.

If you need a hand with anything, drop me a PM or an email and I'll happily help you get up and running if it's something you're struggling with.
I agree, it's important you get a web presence. However, don't just throw things together in a rush just to get something online.

Take time to consider your online 'brand' and make sure the work and website is of a good enough quality to improve your chances of attracting new clients.
Nice to see that you've got the site up and running. I used to use Prosite and found it to be pretty good but think I left it in the end due to cost. I would ask though whether you've looked at all at other people's Prosites? It's difficult if web design isn't your thing (it sure as hell isn't mine) but it is an extension of your design and at the moment it feels very intense with the colours you've gone for. There are also a lot of boxes with not a lot going on in them. Perhaps experiment with some of the other templates? The about me also needs work which i think i saw mentioned in another thread so i won't go on about it but I'd totally get rid of the Christian stuff which makes me feel very awkward as a reader/potential client/non-believer.