Could anyone help me out to figure this?



I’ve searched the net with no answer.

Let’s say I create a Template for a page called (test), and I want this page to show anything I write in the page area in the content (like it actually works) but after that I would like it to show the post from a category also called (test) or anything Any ideas?

A appreciate it if you can help me out.

Are you referring to a post within a wordpress blog for example to be displayed beneath the static content on your main website on the page called test.html?

If so, from what I gather if you sign up to Feedburner there is a function called BuzzBoost, this generates the code to place on your main website.

Further info can be found in the following post:
hi thank you,
I have 2 sites and I want to be able to post in 1 and that the post appears in the other one as well so what should i do?