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I am a year three student at Univerisity, and currently working on a brief given by a company to design and develop a corporate identity for the company.

I am trying to justify the project, but struggling what to do? I have the situation, not sure about the complication, question and answer.

Please can anyone help me?

As I have mentioned, I am trying to justify the project, why am I doing it, is there a need to the project, what are the complications of designing a corporate identity for the company e.e. lack of communication between the client and company, existing identities on the market.

I thought it would be a good idea to post a thread on here to discuss and get more ideas of what I need to do.
Umm...if you've been set the project then why are you trying to 'justify the project'? Surely it's a case of getting your teeth into understanding the company and using your graphic design skills to create an identity to reflect the business/nature/product/service that the company provides?

Or are you trying to challenge why you should be creating an identity in the first place?

(This is a good place to ask questions, but only if they're quite clear and you've given us a clear understanding as to what you're asking.)

Are 'situation, complication, question and answer' new buzz words that are now part of the design education system?
Yes I understand that, however to answer the given marking criteria by the University, I must to justify why I am doing this particular project, and to justify the need of the project.

S C Q A are not new 'buzz words' that are used in the design education system, they're justification and research statergies to help idenitfy the need of the project.
I have the situation, not sure about the complication, question and answer

Oh come on, you're a third year. The skeleton structure you describe is a simple research paper top level section paper. You need to put finger to keyboard first - do what you can and then ask.

Why not do what you can and then ask more specific questions - we'll be listening.
well sorry, I know what to do next time. I only wanted some suggestions! I've studied a QTS Design and Technology course over the past three years which doesn't imply the so called 'simple skeleton structure'!
So what is it you actually want help with?

If you've come here for help and advice, try being clearer as to what you're looking for help with?

Remember that this forum is made up of all kinds of people from all different sectors/backgrounds, who on the whole have a lot of experience and a bit of politeness wouldn't go amiss.

Your original post wasn't clear as to what you needed help with and as a 'designer in training' you should have realised that perhaps you needed to re-word your question.
If I'm honest, I still have no idea what it is you're after.

Have you been set the branding project as part of your course by your lecturers, and they're asking you to come up with the whole situation/justification part, as a means of hitting criteria re: research/development?

Or have an actual client set the project? In which case they should be giving you this information anyway.
Has the course asked you to justify why your doing it if so that seems like and easy question anyone can analyse and justify there work? or is it just a personal thing if so seems abit silly that you have to justify it to yourself the justification would be that its part of your education... and if you still struggle with that you shouldnt be doing design because youll get shit loads of clients asking for things you dont agree with.

i might be completely off ball your question is very mixed...
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