Corp ID, Branding, Product Design work available.


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Hello everyone, I hope that you are all well.

First off, this enquiry is more about me being able to get some figures together rather than securing work for anybody straight away.

Let me explain...

There is an old technology that has just surfaced once again that is about to hit the UK market, and hit it HARD.

The product is a bit of kit that simply connects to the engine of your car, harnesses the power of water and helps to a/ reduce your carbon emissions and b/ INCREASE your MPG, meaning saving on fuel. Results that have been seen so far are astronomical.

So what EXACTLY is it that I am looking at?

Well a number of things.

Corporate ID for a start. Branding for the product itself, perhaps even a shiney housing for the technical bits. Press advertising.

Not too much then eh? Hehe.

Guys 'n' gals, I'm sorry that this is vague, unfortunately it's as precise as I can be at this moment in time. As I mentioned above, I'm looking to gather some idea of costs etc as funding is coming from grants which need to be applied for well in advance. Timescales for the project being seen through to completion are currently set at 4 months. This is because I am trying to source the components needed for the kit from within the UK to cut down the impact on the environment, and also going through a long approval process to become affiliated with Water Aid.

I'd be very grateful to have a chat with some people should you be interested in working with W4T once funding has been approved.

Please note that I don't answer my phone between 13.00 and 20.30 Monday through Thursday as I am currently working nights to help part-fund this project.

I look forward to speaking with some of you soon!
Sounds like a really good and worthwhile project. I'll drop you a line sometime over the next couple of days and maybe we can arrange a time to chat on the phone.