Copyright when freelance for a design company


Hi guys,

I'm hoping someone can help me out here. I have a copyright question.

If a freelancer is hired by a design company to do a project for their client, does the design company own the copyright. If it is a website, does the freelancer have any rights to take down the website for the client, if the design company (who hired them) hasn't paid but the client has paid the design company.

I'm thinking that the copyright belongs to the design company but thought I'd ask just in case I'm wrong.


If you are being paid by your client, especially if you work on their premises, the copyright and ownership
belongs to them (you are working for them and their client), You are being paid in full for what you produce on their behalf.

If they do not pay you it belongs to you until paid in full. That is something you should include in your terms
of business. It will then give a reason to litigate as you can with hold usage on the grounds of breach of
copyright,thus strengthening your case if it comes to legals.