Copyright for graphic designers. Anyone willing to clear things up?


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Right, so for college im currently writing a business plan for a design business as a sole trader. One of my main points i have made is that i will be looking to work long term with clients and hopefully taking on a retainer agreement. Now when i comes it copyright with this agreement, things are a little unclear. As i will be producing work for a client i will still own the copyright to the work. But when it comes to the ending of the contract/retainer agreement will i still own copyright or will the client? if i still own the copyright then what is the general etiquette of passing over the copy right seeing as i won't be working with the client any longer? Will i be expected to charge the client for full copyright? I understand that its down to what i want to do but im just wondering on general etiqueete about the matter. If anyone could help clear this up for me i would be very grateful.


You should state in your contract (or 'creative services agreement') that the copyrights to the artwork is passed on to the client after the payment has been made. At least that's what I do.
As above. Until payment is made in full, you as the creator own all copyrights and intellectual properties.