contract - delay


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if you are making a very important presentation and a lot is riding on the success of it (more money, more work, etc.), but at the last minute you have a technical problem and cannot get the most important print out of the computer. What do you do? what happens if you have an agreement and you are a day late, etc? how do you react in this kind of situations?
Do you mean a job that has been supplied late by a printer?

If so most printers will be covered by their T&C's. For example a press goes down, there is a power cut, stock isn't delivered on time, courier doesn't deliver to the customer on time, all these instances and many more could impact the delivery date, any decent printer will do their best to fix the problem but in terms of liability as mentioned most printers will have a "force majeure" clause to cover themselves.
The best solution is not to do the important stuff at the last minute. Yeah - I know; I work in the real world too but that's the answer.