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While I am in desperate need of money (my car died on me, and I need a new one ASAP) I am offering cheap Content Management Systems, and hosting for a discounted price.

I am an experienced PHP Developer with roughly 4 years experience in developing bespoke applications to suit customer needs. I am currently employed for a local company as a PHP Developer, and I am constantly looking for freelance work to enhance my portfolio.

A content management system would allow you to make updates to your website without any technical experience in web development, as it is all controlled by an easy to use interface.

You can upload images, generate thumbnails, and easily add and maintain any content on your website.

Content Management Systems normally sell for upwards of £2k, depending on the time they take to complete, but I am offering a complete Content Management System and Hosting for only £500.

For more information about my experience and my portfolio please visit my LinkedIn Profile, and my Personal Website.

Dave Potts - LinkedIn

Hampshire Based Freelance PHP Developer -

If you have any questions regarding the services I offer, please feel free to ask me.