Confused about fonts - help!


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Hi there!

I am just starting out in my freelance career, and now that I'm beginning to accept more projects I'm keen to expand on the fonts I'm using.

I'm completely confused about the protocol for using fonts within logo design. I have, in the past, used standard fonts and modified them myself, but now I'd like to invest in some really fabulous fonts to give my designs an edge.

I've studied the T&Cs of font distributors and vendors and I don't understand what the licenses do or don't cover for using fonts in logos.

If anyone could provide me with any further information, or advice, I'd be extremely grateful.

Thanks very much in advance!

Ps. I'll be totally upfront now in saying that I really am just starting out in this business - I used to work for a design company a number of years ago, but due to various issues I had to shelve my design career. I'm now re-training myself and would like to do things properly, and legally, so I'm researching into as many areas of the industry as possible. I'm hoping that a forum like this will enable me to connect with more established and experienced designers who can help point me in the right direction :icon_smile: