Colours In Graphic Design: Thesis Statement


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Hello, I am new to this forum.

I am really having trouble in choosing an interesting powerful thesis statement, proposal . My thesis topic is Colors in Graphic Design. I have to make a project at the end of my thesis and I have no idea what to do the project about... any suggestions ?

I also dont know how to put together my topic with my proposal to give a title to my thesis. Since it has to be written in english and english is not my first language I would appreciate any suggestions.

- Printing in less and soy ink based colours, safe the environment.
- Colour-blind people, are not taken into consideration by graphic designers and marketing.
- Black and White, are they colours, background, spaces?
- Why is Green the colour of ecology?

Thank you ever so much for your help and advice in advance.

Antonella Arroyo M
Hi Antonella :)

Colour Blind/Cognitive Impairment
Hmm, I see the issues of colour blind people and they should be taken into consideration, it's a cognitive impairment that affects a good percentage of people, to combat this you can introduce things such as icons, underlines, borders etc... So that using different colours does not become the issue.

Looks like your theme from what you have put in your list is kind of world/environment/people based or could be, here are a few ideas - Colours of the World, Awareness of Colour, Colour is always on my mind, Natural Order of Colour.

As for the project, loads of things could be done, here's one idea.
Look to natures colours - a project based on colours of the earth/elements/environment - how it has been afftected over the years

Hope that helps :)
How can I write my thesis title in another way different than this, but still makes the same sense?

An Exploration of Social Responsibility in Graphic Design:
Colour-blind Audience and the Graphic Designers Role.
Technicaly Black is not a colour, but a lack of... Lost count of how many times i've been told off by my girlfriend for this statement!