Colour themes in PowerPoint


Hello, I might be in the wrong category, but for years I have been trying to do Colour themes in PowerPoint and to no avail. Even the tutorials online don't work. Any ideas please?


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In powerpoint 2010 (haven't bothered to upgrade, not worth it, but should be similar/same in newer versions).

This usually works for me, although it's been a while since I've used it. A quick check seems to show it still works.

Design tab, click colors dropdown and then create new theme colors... change colours to your desired colours. Save the file and then select it when before you start.


thank you, but I feel like I've tried that a million times...maybe I need to save straight away or something. I've used PPT since 2006 and still haven't worked out what I am doing wrong :( now I have an urgent job to do with colour themes in it. Gah! Thank you though.