Colour replacement brush - what am I doing wrong?


I've followed an online tutorial and far as I can see I've carried out all the actions it suggests but it's not working.

I have a picture of my bike which is yellow and want to see what the bottom half of the fairing would look like in Black.

I have black as the foreground colour, set the tool to defines the correct edges, but instead of black a mid grey appears. It has all the correct tones and reflections etc.

I'm obviously missing something but can't figure what - it's CS5 incidentally

Any thoughts welcomed


I assume you are using Adobe Photoshop CS5, have you got your colour replacement tool set to the right mode?
There's many ways to skin a cat in Photoshop, I would of probably made a selection of where I want the colour to be changed and then gone into Hue/Saturation and played around with the colours there. That way if in your case black weren't working too well, you can easily change it to another colour without having to refill it.