Colour De-Boss Printing - Help Needed


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Hi Everyone,

I am trying to develop some packaging that will basically have the logo de-bossed in hard plastic. To make the logo standout I want to colour it white, however I can't seem to find a printing process that will allow me to do this.

The attached image shows pretty much what I am trying to achieve...


Can anyone help identify the process I need to achieve this?

Thanks for you help,

Sorry I don't know the name but I often find when doing projects like this that once you contact packaging producers they can often advise on what this is and offer you the correct process for the size of your job. Try this company Creative Packaging Specialists / Progress Packaging

Or you could try and contact a place similar to this, often big citys all have one, especially if there is an art college there About they are usually charity run so even contacting them someone may be able to advise what this process is called.

hope this helps in some way
Hi Nicola,

Yeah I think I will contact some packaging suppliers and the local university. Hopefully, it will be a fairly standard process.

Thanks for the advice.