Coding Forum?


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I know this is a predominantly Graphic Design based forum, but would we be able to have a coding forum? I know we don't want too many to clutter it, I like the amount now at most, but I think one forum for all coding discussion would be a good shout.

Not sure on what name to go with, maybe...Coding Corner?

Let me know your thoughts :icon_biggrin:


Sounds like a good idea. The guy making my website would sign up i'm sure. He is a PHP developer and knows various other languages as well. He is currently coding my Photoshopped designed layout using XHTML and CSS.

I plan to learn some XHTML and CSS later in the year so somewhere to go ask things on here would be great.

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As if by magic: Website Coding & Programming Forum: - Graphic Design Forums | Website Design Forums

I know nothing about Coding/Programming so somebody needs to come up with the forum description that is shown below the forum name, please.

Although named the Graphic Design Forums, the forums are for all aspects of design, I also own which points to that area of the forum and I may split the 2 one day and interlink them somehow, who knows :icon_dunno:

Good suggestion by the way, hope you're all going to fill it with posts now :icon_biggrin:

If you notice any posts within the general website design forum that need moving into the new category then just let me know.




What about something like " CSS & XHTML/HTML, PHP, ASP, XML, Databases etc. Discuss and find solutions here"

or something like?