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Hi Folks: I was using images in my T-Shirt designs mainly from the Clipart 250,000 disk available.
Misunderstanding the copyright text on the back of the packaging, I was under the impression that
using Clipart images for my designs was ok. I later realised after designing 450 T-Shirts that the Clipart
Images could not be used. I have subsequently redesigned all the T-Shirts without pictures. However, could
I please have some advice on whether any T-Shirt companies are licensed to use Clipart and/or similar
image CDs, that I could get my original 450 T-Shirt designs with images to. Many Thanks
You'll need to check the individual licenses. Some limit any commercial use, some allow it under certain conditions. You also need to ensure that the original copyright owner of the clipart has given their permission, or has handed over the copyrights. There are many companies online who give away or sell licenses for copyrighted material, without having permission to do so. If you use it unlawfully, you're the one that gets the penalties.
Hi Paul, thanks for your reply and advice. I was wondering if there are any T-Shirt printing companies who have all the legal copyright issues resolved and in place, that I could approach with my designs using Clipart (etc) type images. Many thanks.
Hi Dare, your best solution would be to hold the licenses to use the images yourself, that way you can change your printers without worrying about the copyright. You need to use royalty free images, this mean a one of cost to purchase the image, then you can use it as many times as your like, services such as Getty images ( expensive but awesome ) and Istock all offer royalty free images you could use for your T-shirt designs, failing that, dust off your copy of illustrator and get creative! :) Hope this helps.