Client update(able) sites??


I have been asked to do a website for an Irish showdog kennel, they have several lovely dogs, that are regular winners. They want a site that THEY can list their wins the same day as they are awarded - without having to rely on me being available immediatly 24/7.
The idea that I would have regarding this would be to have an iFrame, in which would display a page that they could upload via my Plesk 8.2 control panel (I use webfusion VPS 2.0, if it helps).

How could this be set-up? They have no-clue about web design, and it needs to be as simple as possible for them to update. And since my area is mainly design for print with a little HTML & CSS knowledge, I need it to be fairly easy for me to set up aswell. :icon_rolleyes:
A content management system would be the best choice here. There are loads of open source options available but I've found the best by far is CMS Made Simple (CMS Made Simple - Welcome to CMS Made Simple).

CMS Made Simple is based around html templates that you style with css. Content can be added via a wysiwyg editor making it really simple for users.

If you need help setting it up they have a brilliant support forum and plenty of documentation.

Hope this helps.
I would use a series of form inputs so you can control the layout
then they can add titles, info, as many dogs, prizes etc..
But you totally control the flow as you feed those into the db and retrieve/cache into a valid format

There are many ways to control it though, this offers a simple to use on both parties and guaranteed input/output to everyones liking and one which can be validated, not break the site. I would stay clear of iframes, you will want them to be able to get this info indexed, do not even consider iframes unless its for input.
Thanks guys, I will have a look at both options, and see which would suit the best. :icon_thumbup:
Aye, steer clear of iframes for definate.

A CMS is definitely the way to go for what you want. I'd also do as Kev suggests, and use a series of inputs rather than just one WYSIWYG box. That way you can have much more control over what the user actually does, and therefore what the pages look like.

Any questions, fire away, I make cms's everyday, lol.

CMS is definitely the way forward. We develop our own, it's a good learning curve and gives you the opportunity to fulfil specific needs without clogging up the code.

There are many CMS' out there though, so go for whatever suits you.